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In a world of highs and lows, we have found steadiness in God and His grace alone. Our experience leads us to believe that human beings are not meant to be the foundation of hope. We’re too emotional, too instinctual, too inconsistent. One doesn’t have to look too hard to see a broken world and a broken way of thinking. This EP looks to move from the unsteadiness found within humanity into the steadiness found in an unchanging, unconditionally loving God.

So we begin the EP at the very scene of brokenness(LFTR); in broken thinking(Makes Sense); in a broken home (Boy Meets World); and then with the very underlying force that keeps the brokenness going (Pride). The second half of the EP works in and towards redemption, challenging us to think differently and direct our focus to the good that results in BOTH the highs and lows (In All Times); in the process finding joy (Smile); proclaiming a Hope that has come and is to come (ETA); and then it ends in the very proclamation that God’s grace alone steadies and sustains us(Steady).


released November 26, 2013

Mixing/Mastering: AJ Alvarez
Production: J. Alamo, S. Rivera, J. Rivera
Lyrics/Vocals:T.Pozdol, F. Bustamante, C. Bellizzi, M.J. Garza
Bass: D. Opio
Drums: J. Alamo
Trumpet: R. X. Camacho
Saxophone: A. Elliot
Keys: S. Rivera, J. Gonzalez



all rights reserved


Paper.Beats.Rock Chicago, Illinois

Light > Heavy. We are a hip hop trio aiming to lighten the load by proclaiming the existence of a freedom through grace capable of steadying us all.

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Track Name: Live From The Ruins
Verse 1:

Such a peace, but the calm before the storm's such a beast/
It creeps, takes different forms gets your trust and it feasts/
Using your own teeth, "free"s not what you think/
But what you are, child and image of the King

But the view, oh the view, something so appealing to those two baby blues/
Left reeling from the feeling of the blues from the ruse/
Crafted by the king but ever since been changing hue/
For the view, oh the view/

So let’s assume that you know best, no less/
Your vision knows no length, it can’t reach, it’s that deep, then go ‘head/
Shoulder the load of the whole globe’s woes/
And if it holds, which it won’t, take the throne...

Oh I will and it does hold me still til i jump/
Like a pill to my blood, and the thrill oh I love/
This free will is the stuff! Call me Atlas boy I'm buff/
Shoulders hunched, holding up this earthly lump til I'm crushed/

Listen and observe
This is what the world looks like on our terms
Come on listen
And you can hear the sound of the Fall reverb
Come on listen maybe learn
There's only unsure hands on this unsure Earth
Come on listen
Feels like nobody is listening, quick listen!

Verse 2 (Freddy):
The aftermath, the after facts/
After that, oh so sweet climax/
The after the contact, can't understand or grasp/
How’d i get to where I'm at, face to face with the collapse, here I am/ Deflated, in a lull from the fall, feeling dull from it all/
Like Humpty off the wall, scrambled brains and all/
Felt the rush, feel the stall/
911 emergency now who's to call?/
So who's to blame?/
Who's the Bush and who's Hussein?/
Who to praise now and who to shame? /
My vision's feeling blurry cause everything looks the same/
Am i insane or all aboard the gravy train?/
Here at the center of attention, correction/
In the epicenter of contention, not to mention/
Hesitant for progression, I'm stressed and I'm vexed with/
This lesson of life, I'm perplexed by my life’s intersection.


Verse 3 (Tony):
It’s like a car crashing, first thing you do/
You start asking, who’s to blame who’s/
Insurance card am I taking, who will pay who?/
Memory starts fading, of what you went through/
The glass shards were raining, aiming to maim you/
With the car rotating, went lame as your frame bruised/
Forget the car frame you’re afraid of escape through/
The window, onto the pavement where chalk will frame you/
And your thoughts are racing, an awful way to/
Leave the Earth, pleading please leave the hearse in its lot/
Please God, please stop this car from tossing and do/
The impossible soon, just want to walk away/
Then you walk away wounded and consumed/
Not by the fact you walked away, but by your wounds/
The blame game resumes, arguments ensue and divide/
Look you crashed you decide how that will influence your drive.


Listen, this is the noise from the ruins
This is the noise from the ruins
Of the crash from the wounded
Troops who refuse to adapt to the ruins
We are the voice from the ruins
We are the voice from the ruins
And we rise from the ruins, yeah we rise from the ruins
Come on rise from the ruins!
Track Name: Makes Sense (feat. Michael Garza)
Verse 1 (Tony):
Don’t think that it’s just you, feeling the effects
Of a fall from the heights to the depths
We all just need a 1,2, a check 1,2
Is this thing on? Common sense?
You ever get a sense that, the sense that’s common
Is dense? Havoc wreaked(reeked), common scent?
Well, me neither, me the peacekeeper
Don’t speak your peace either just be the beast feeder
Yes! And you do it well, though you dwell in ruins
Deny that you’re in ruins, hell
Even deny that it’s foolish denying the ruins
The lie is: Solutions!
What do we have to solve? Man it’s all good
Man is all good! Good like…
Oppression, or Sandy Hook aggression
Glorious weapons, humankind perfected

Ah makes sense
When it feels like you’ve been non-stop dropped on your head, I guess
And the scene’s the same, won’t change, insane’s the new sane, I guess
And it seems like you’ve been non-stop dropped on your heard, I bet
All that, makes this make sense.

Verse 2 (Freddy):
Don't think that it's just you/
Feeling the effects of a fall from the heights to the depths/
We all just need a 1,2, a check 1,2/
Is this thing on? Common sense/
Is less than impressive/
Unbecoming with those questions/
Focus on the blessing, pay attention/
Make cents and dollars to encourage your obsessions/
The next best thing should be squeezed in your possession/
Pull the trigger, Charlton Heston/
No second guessing, less you risk attention/
Public perception, it festers like a weapon/
Heckles from onlookers extending in your direction/
Pretend you're unsettled and correct that odd expression/
No telling to the public you're connecting with collections/
If you drop a Benjamin on additions to your collection/
When's enough enough when in love with a self deception?

Track Name: Boy Meets World
Verse 1:
It looms, enjoy your final view in the cocoon/
Before the feuds, cause truth is it’s over in a few/
Labor ensues, pushing you hard, it keeps pushing you hard/
And this battle is just... foreshadowing/
Your battle until you’re battered by/
Your parents with poor standards to stand by/
Doctor on “stand by”, broken water baptized/
A baby boy arrives thinking “get me out this damn light.”

Chorus: 2X
This is the world in its glory/
In its shame, in its pain, in its mourning/
And today you’re engaged in the story/
Of poisons hurled when boy meets world/

Verse 2:
You can’t choose who you’re born to/
It sucks, usually that situation’ll form you/
And how you wish they adored you/
Insult adorned thickened skin you can’t stick a sword through /
You’re hearing don’t be conformed to/
The pattern of this world, well if you had another world/
That didn’t weigh as much as yours/
You’re like “what’s an open door, all I know is just cuts and open sores”/
Saying “You don’t get it, the conflict that I witness”/
“You’re not an eyewitness, stop trying to diagnose me”/
Like “”Life’s rosy” try it, find it cozy?”/
“Make yourself at home on this side, find it lonely?”/
Buying groceries for parents that passed out/
Somehow you love them, despite all the badmouths/
Your brother just blacked out, put his fist into Dad’s mouth/
Pour another glass, drown it, and everyone laughs now…/
Sickening, it’s just the method of forgiveness/
Forget it, don’t address it, don’t expect it, getting fixes/
Neglected set examples, yet expected to have vision/
How is siblings with convictions and parents with addictions?/
You don’t try to pass the buck when you’re acting up/
You’re just stating that it sucks that you’re that corrupt/
Bottled up emotions that can and will erupt/
Asking God is this His will, if it is man you’re stumped/
“Explain it… Go!... In each and every language/
Tell me, make it plain make sense of this I’m waiting…/
Cause while I am, I’m taking in sex education/
Mom and dad arranged a live visual demonstration/
Parents make parrots… I’ll mimic them in marriage/
I’ll mimic their divorce, I’ll mimic them as parents/
I’ll mimic them in carelessness, and mimic their embarrassments”/
And God forbid a boy ever meet a world as bare as this…

This is the world in its glory/
In its shame, in its pain, in its mourning/
And today you’re engaged in the story/
Of poisons hurled when boy meets world

Verse 3:
“I took the wrong turn somewhere and I act like/
THAT somewhere is a place that I can’t find/
But somewhere there’s a place where I can find/
That mind that I lost but my concern is what’s the path like?/
It’s not as smooth as the plains, doesn’t soothe like the breeze/
It’s a scorching type heat producing torment in me/
I’m split and tore at the seams, and it seems/
That nothing’s as foreign as peace…”
Track Name: Pride
Verse 1 (Tony):
You listen, I’m a catch I’ll pay your debt I’ll pay your rent/
Till the end is met, then the rest you can sublet/
No lie, seen more than a few fade and die/
For the sake of I, the glimmer in Satan’s eyes/
Don’t mistake me I’m, out for the sake of you and I/
And if you defy, enjoy your selfless futile life/
I could write your name in the most illuminating lights/
Cause your name is all you’ve got so prove it in your fight!/
Never lose it even if you lose all that’s in sight/
Never lose a fight it’s better to lose your wife/
Lose the kids, lose your friends, and the right to make amends/
Wake up, choose you, then lose it all again/
Cut loose, enjoy the emptiness of this room I invent/
I am the most influential in influential men/
I am the trend, and I came before the fall/
I will separate you all, no savings just withdrawals…

The empty room echoes and echoes
Oh the people that you let go for things you couldn’t let go
The empty room echoes and echoes
You should’ve known it from the get go, that pride would leave you dead broke
The empty room echoes and reminds you
Of the people that you let go for things you couldn’t let go
The empty room echoes and replies
You should’ve known it from the get go, that pride’ll leave you dead broke

Verse 2 (Freddy):
I was at the cusp, cut above the rest they were mud/
They were nothing I was some sort of god, sort of loved/
By the crud that I made them, dressed in amazing/
I was stationed at the place of honor made sure that I shamed them/
With the greatness that I poured out, singing like an angel/
But I walked about as if I owned the place I was no stranger/
To the limelight life's like every day about I/
Fly guy, by myself I led like a god might/
Piled high praises from my guys like/
“You should be the one in charge and leading” cause it’s my right/
Go and get your throne take your home so I got my/
Boys to follow suit, group trooped, battled and I dived/
In to fighting hard but I realized that I might/
Not make it through it so I got my guys to follow suit and flew the coop/
Down to the earth like lightning, oh how exciting/
Here I wait until I can make my entrance and you're inviting.


Slow pride rises hits you where your hope lies/
Fights and rids of you in no time/
Lies draw lines and divide/
Till you’re all alone/
Don’t let it go with no fight. The fight’s inside and it is your fight!/
And Life’s your right, don’t give it for pride!/
Cause Pride draws lines and divides/
Till you’re all alone/
Track Name: In All Times
Verse 1 (Tony):
Newness eludes us/
Artists of the drawn conclusion/
How could we don confusion/
Us humans cut from the same cloth/
All cut all bruised up/
All salt in wound, at the thought the boom was/
A walk in the park, not a walk in the dark/
Where you fall from the start and you lose some/
Living on the cusp, of something big/
And so marvelous/
Don’t forget life starts from the dust/
Pardon us we thought the marvel’s us, but hearts adjust/
Then the bottom’s up, half empty half full, bottom’s up/
Have plenty, that cup’s the only one/
You’re only done when the wonder is/
Even when your whole world’s crumbling because

Those highs and lows/
I’ve come to grips with the fact both spike your growth/
And in all times I need the Most High the most/
And oh I’m close, to something new but yet so familiar/
I swear those highs and lows/
I’ve come to grips with the fact both spike your growth/
And in all times I need the Most High the most/
And oh I’m close, to something new but yet so familiar to my sould.

Sometimes I’m high, sometimes I’m low
But oh I know I can’t do it on my own
Still… I seem to love it, to seize control
It leads to nothing, let it go, let it go.

Verse 2 (Freddy):
First comes the light then comes the sound, right?/
Like so you see the sight then it’s fight or flight time tonight/
Alright so the right to the wrong should be right around the corner it should end up all right/
It might but the right light to see plight should be the might that you gain in the fight/
Delight or with spite, either way ignited, ready to rewrite the life/
You've been derided or maybe never blasted off, but get excited/
Got a second chance to write so get to writing/
Crashing was a means to incite so don’t defy it/
Invite the boom with the crash, the gloom with the flash/
The plumes to the blast are short lived and don’t last/
There's room for the pain when your strength doesn't last/
Relief from the heat when you’re weak or harassed.


Bridge 2X
Track Name: Smile
Let it go bro, let it show so those/
Low folks burrowed can't oppose, grow glows/
Furrowed brow storing something golden below/
Hold your own smirk until it grows full blown/

Verse 1:
Bad day, long week, tad late, can't sleep/
Dry heat, no relief, feeling the sting of bereave/
These things can grieve and retreat the treat of faith and belief/
The joy of feeling the sweet treat of embracing grinning/
I mean why grimace when smiling is as close to winning/
As you can get to betting anger that you won’t ever sing/
Put a spring in your step, a leap or pep in your swing/
Cause things could always be more epic than the Lord of the Rings/
You got a story to tell, a better chapter to read/
Indeed you got the leading part, take heart, go dart and proceed/
And be the least of these masterpiece He created to be/
To achieve and believe in themselves, steal a smile from the thief/

Chorus 2X:
So smile, it can save your life, right/
Smile, it'll be alright, might/
Smile, fight and be the night light/
Smile, delight despite the plight’s bite.

Verse 2:
Just a few of the deeds and do's that can do the approved/
I smile and remove the ‘tude when I peruse the Good News/
Removing my shoes renew when all the hours accrue/
Taking a shower excusing choose to shampoo like my boo/
Co-op coloring through my baby's coloring book/
My baby calling all the colors, favorite color is blue/
Eating Mexican food next to the Mexican dude/
And Mexican wife who's wombed was a testament to/
The Creator of rules, and defender of lude, crude/
Brutes like the dude you’re currently listening to/
Singing sizzling tunes, oldies I’m glued to my roots/
Kissing the one I wooed and wed, I’m in a giggling mood/

Chorus 2X

Verse 3:
You got the life of a thug, maybe you're missing a tooth/
Perhaps you caught the flu bug and you got a case of the toots/
You're losing the house, spouse, and your kids are aloof/
Truth is a roof is not a home without your smile to approve/
So groove to the grooves, valleys prove the boom’s coming soon/
Sooth with the news, abuse is due to ruse the debut/
That life is a queue, a line, waiting room to get through/
Before the review accrued Heaven test to pass to/
Before the adieu, goodbye, and hello to Jesus/
Let’s smile and remove the suit of dispute and produce/
Joy like you're a youth, relief like “achoo”/
Smile, salute the truth and makes the moot points go “poof”


Chorus 2X
Track Name: ETA
Verse 1 (Freddy):
Some call it wishful thinking, I prefer to cope/
With the notion it’s forever changing like an ocean coast/
Summersault over assaults, in the winter it’s a coat/
In an argument, a toast to promote who you just opposed/
This is hope springing up, sucker punch to the gut/
Wake up call to your wants to shut up and go self-destruct/
It's a pep in your strut, breakfast in your gut/
Well fed, feeling cut, clean, well-kept, yet you’re struck still/
Yeah you’re flawed, filled with more acting than Vaudeville/
But you crawl skilled, filled with a tall grill/
Big grin, sanguine, yeah you’re dancing/
No answers other than God's reenacting the passion/
And the casket’s your past skin, burying the past You/
And past sin, in passing, you’re asking/
How can this happen, how long is this lasting?/
The joy of God surpasses earthly understanding.

And I can feel it in my gut, things are looking up
Yeah the seasons turned and now...
It feels like everything'll turn around
Yeah everything'll turn around
And I can't even sum it up, that feeling that you're stuck
Then freedom comes and bails you out
It feels like everything'll turn around
Yeah everything'll turn around

Verse 2 (Tony):
I’m trying to psych up myself get me to rise up/
Cause I’ve been fighting myself like it’s Fight Club/
I’m un-done, by the rigorous trials of/
Life but, light jumps into the horizon/
The bright sun it’s a symbol that Life’s come/
With the might of a prime Tyson, the fight’s won/
Ain’t nothing like love, poured by Life’s blood/
And it’s my lifeblood and the well never dries up/
And these are my suds, and they clean a man right up/
Cause I’m not upright, I’ve had it backwards since I uh…/
Begun, just slip up reruns, I’d get up and rerun/
Then slip up, wise up!/
Because I act like my time’s up, watchin’ the sky/
Man you’re infinite size duh!/
You can’t be in a time crunch/
Get your head out the clouds, make your mind up.


Verse 3 (Freddy):
It's like the older I’m getting, I’m letting headaches get set in/
Collecting skeletons in my closet intending to denezin/
Even dentists or vets couldn’t treat with excellent medicine/
Medical attention wasn’t what I needed, irrelevant/
My, method to cope, not coke, dope, or to smoke/
But I might as well have choked on a toke groping my throat/
The lesson to note, no scolding instead He wrote me a note/
In bold on my heart’s folds and behold it said “Hope”/
So “no bro” says I to the old, can't hold me afloat/
Not sold, no nope I eloped and belong to the throne/
My cope, my coat, my boat, my God is my vote/
Steady globe holder, I’m bolstered in blessing, in God I repose/
With God in control, now what a site to behold/
A light to my road, beacon to what life can unfold/
This is surrender to a poetry pro/
Who can take a life of broken prose and make it sing hope.

Track Name: Steady (feat. Catalina Bellizzi)
Verse 1 (Tony):
Oh gravity, even if you took a millisecond off/
It’d send us all, hurling into space/
That’s faith in the Universe’s strength/
In its grace on those who’ve laid it all to waste/
Hmm… we could try to deny it but we’re clearly reliant/
On something even bigger than us/
Magnified through the lens of our pride/
It’s giant like, infinity times Leviathan, high-minded/
Designed with precision, envision inventing Science/
These laws and restrictions You fulfill and defy/
Who says what we know to be science is even science then?/
The Earth was silent till you spoke/
Now we hang on every line, on every line/
Dependent on connection to the vine/
Yeah we hang on every line, on every line/
Redemption is the steadiness divine.

Chorus 2X(Catalina Bellizzi):
My knees keep failing
Feel I’ll never be ready
Write a promise on my heart
And I trust, hold steady
Still the breeze keeps blowing
And the waves are moving
Walking head held high
With His love on my mind

Verse 2 (Freddy):
Water made of atoms, Adam made of atoms/
Aladdin couldn’t fathom the rings of Saturn/
Manhattan can brag about their windows but not the sand that amassed them/
NASA has a grasp on planets, but not the God who grabs ‘em/
Flabbergasted at the sass we have to ask Him/
“Why me Lord?” When He made us to surpass Him/
You’re everlasting, gratifying a man contrasting to your passion/
Your surpassing grace leaves me gasping, it’s madness/
Your vastness is gigantic, now let’s not get stuck up in semantics/
You have it or you’re gassing, and He’s neither furious nor fasting/
I’ll blow a gasket talking up my Master’s talents/
So what’s left is a steady hand I’m grasping/
Now we hang on every line, on every line/
Dependent on connection to the vine/
Yeah we hang on every line, on every line/
Redemption is a steadiness divine.

Chorus 2X
Bridge (Catalina):
In the storm
Please keep me still
In the storm
Please keep me close
In the storm
Please keep me yours
In the storm

Verse 3:
So let’s just say I plot and plan like, no need for the Potter’s Hand/
Said “I’m Malone but there’s no need for the Stockton pass”/
Honestly I’m just reverse playing possum/
I play Alive but I’m really dead when I’m godless/
I guess, I’m partially Doubting Thomas/
Though I FULLY doubt Thomas himself/
What I’m saying is self-sufficiency in a breed of deficient beings/
Is a case for a Savior who helps/

And with all of that known, I still manage to groan/
Mumble off to myself how I'm a man of my own/
No need for relief when I can take out a loan/
Until the creditors growl and start to blow up my phone/
And the grown mentality comes crashing, the casualty/
Is Freddy's understanding of God in reality/
And your loving lavishly’s not built on morality/
That's unsteady, Christ is eager to kill that, fatality.

So now we hang on every line, on every line
Dependent on connection to the vine
Yeah we hang on every line, on every line
Dependent on connection to the vine
Yeah we hang on every line, on every line
Dependent on connection to the vine
Yeah we hang on every line, on every line
Redemption is the steadiness divine