Live From The Ruins

from by Paper.Beats.Rock

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Verse 1:

Such a peace, but the calm before the storm's such a beast/
It creeps, takes different forms gets your trust and it feasts/
Using your own teeth, "free"s not what you think/
But what you are, child and image of the King

But the view, oh the view, something so appealing to those two baby blues/
Left reeling from the feeling of the blues from the ruse/
Crafted by the king but ever since been changing hue/
For the view, oh the view/

So let’s assume that you know best, no less/
Your vision knows no length, it can’t reach, it’s that deep, then go ‘head/
Shoulder the load of the whole globe’s woes/
And if it holds, which it won’t, take the throne...

Oh I will and it does hold me still til i jump/
Like a pill to my blood, and the thrill oh I love/
This free will is the stuff! Call me Atlas boy I'm buff/
Shoulders hunched, holding up this earthly lump til I'm crushed/

Listen and observe
This is what the world looks like on our terms
Come on listen
And you can hear the sound of the Fall reverb
Come on listen maybe learn
There's only unsure hands on this unsure Earth
Come on listen
Feels like nobody is listening, quick listen!

Verse 2 (Freddy):
The aftermath, the after facts/
After that, oh so sweet climax/
The after the contact, can't understand or grasp/
How’d i get to where I'm at, face to face with the collapse, here I am/ Deflated, in a lull from the fall, feeling dull from it all/
Like Humpty off the wall, scrambled brains and all/
Felt the rush, feel the stall/
911 emergency now who's to call?/
So who's to blame?/
Who's the Bush and who's Hussein?/
Who to praise now and who to shame? /
My vision's feeling blurry cause everything looks the same/
Am i insane or all aboard the gravy train?/
Here at the center of attention, correction/
In the epicenter of contention, not to mention/
Hesitant for progression, I'm stressed and I'm vexed with/
This lesson of life, I'm perplexed by my life’s intersection.


Verse 3 (Tony):
It’s like a car crashing, first thing you do/
You start asking, who’s to blame who’s/
Insurance card am I taking, who will pay who?/
Memory starts fading, of what you went through/
The glass shards were raining, aiming to maim you/
With the car rotating, went lame as your frame bruised/
Forget the car frame you’re afraid of escape through/
The window, onto the pavement where chalk will frame you/
And your thoughts are racing, an awful way to/
Leave the Earth, pleading please leave the hearse in its lot/
Please God, please stop this car from tossing and do/
The impossible soon, just want to walk away/
Then you walk away wounded and consumed/
Not by the fact you walked away, but by your wounds/
The blame game resumes, arguments ensue and divide/
Look you crashed you decide how that will influence your drive.


Listen, this is the noise from the ruins
This is the noise from the ruins
Of the crash from the wounded
Troops who refuse to adapt to the ruins
We are the voice from the ruins
We are the voice from the ruins
And we rise from the ruins, yeah we rise from the ruins
Come on rise from the ruins!


from Steady, released November 26, 2013
Mixing/Mastering: AJ Alvarez
Production: J. Alamo, S. Rivera, J. Rivera
Lyrics/Vocals:T. Pozdol, F. Bustamante
Bass: D. Opio
Drums: J. Alamo



all rights reserved


Paper.Beats.Rock Chicago, Illinois

Light > Heavy. We are a hip hop trio aiming to lighten the load by proclaiming the existence of a freedom through grace capable of steadying us all.

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