Makes Sense (feat. Michael Garza)

from by Paper.Beats.Rock

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Verse 1 (Tony):
Don’t think that it’s just you, feeling the effects
Of a fall from the heights to the depths
We all just need a 1,2, a check 1,2
Is this thing on? Common sense?
You ever get a sense that, the sense that’s common
Is dense? Havoc wreaked(reeked), common scent?
Well, me neither, me the peacekeeper
Don’t speak your peace either just be the beast feeder
Yes! And you do it well, though you dwell in ruins
Deny that you’re in ruins, hell
Even deny that it’s foolish denying the ruins
The lie is: Solutions!
What do we have to solve? Man it’s all good
Man is all good! Good like…
Oppression, or Sandy Hook aggression
Glorious weapons, humankind perfected

Ah makes sense
When it feels like you’ve been non-stop dropped on your head, I guess
And the scene’s the same, won’t change, insane’s the new sane, I guess
And it seems like you’ve been non-stop dropped on your heard, I bet
All that, makes this make sense.

Verse 2 (Freddy):
Don't think that it's just you/
Feeling the effects of a fall from the heights to the depths/
We all just need a 1,2, a check 1,2/
Is this thing on? Common sense/
Is less than impressive/
Unbecoming with those questions/
Focus on the blessing, pay attention/
Make cents and dollars to encourage your obsessions/
The next best thing should be squeezed in your possession/
Pull the trigger, Charlton Heston/
No second guessing, less you risk attention/
Public perception, it festers like a weapon/
Heckles from onlookers extending in your direction/
Pretend you're unsettled and correct that odd expression/
No telling to the public you're connecting with collections/
If you drop a Benjamin on additions to your collection/
When's enough enough when in love with a self deception?



from Steady, released November 26, 2013
Mixing/Mastering: AJ Alvarez
Production: J. Alamo, S. Rivera, J. Rivera
Lyrics/Vocals:T. Pozdol, F. Bustamante, M.J. Garza
Bass: D. Opio
Drums: J. Alamo



all rights reserved


Paper.Beats.Rock Chicago, Illinois

Light > Heavy. We are a hip hop trio aiming to lighten the load by proclaiming the existence of a freedom through grace capable of steadying us all.

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