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Verse 1 (Tony):
You listen, I’m a catch I’ll pay your debt I’ll pay your rent/
Till the end is met, then the rest you can sublet/
No lie, seen more than a few fade and die/
For the sake of I, the glimmer in Satan’s eyes/
Don’t mistake me I’m, out for the sake of you and I/
And if you defy, enjoy your selfless futile life/
I could write your name in the most illuminating lights/
Cause your name is all you’ve got so prove it in your fight!/
Never lose it even if you lose all that’s in sight/
Never lose a fight it’s better to lose your wife/
Lose the kids, lose your friends, and the right to make amends/
Wake up, choose you, then lose it all again/
Cut loose, enjoy the emptiness of this room I invent/
I am the most influential in influential men/
I am the trend, and I came before the fall/
I will separate you all, no savings just withdrawals…

The empty room echoes and echoes
Oh the people that you let go for things you couldn’t let go
The empty room echoes and echoes
You should’ve known it from the get go, that pride would leave you dead broke
The empty room echoes and reminds you
Of the people that you let go for things you couldn’t let go
The empty room echoes and replies
You should’ve known it from the get go, that pride’ll leave you dead broke

Verse 2 (Freddy):
I was at the cusp, cut above the rest they were mud/
They were nothing I was some sort of god, sort of loved/
By the crud that I made them, dressed in amazing/
I was stationed at the place of honor made sure that I shamed them/
With the greatness that I poured out, singing like an angel/
But I walked about as if I owned the place I was no stranger/
To the limelight life's like every day about I/
Fly guy, by myself I led like a god might/
Piled high praises from my guys like/
“You should be the one in charge and leading” cause it’s my right/
Go and get your throne take your home so I got my/
Boys to follow suit, group trooped, battled and I dived/
In to fighting hard but I realized that I might/
Not make it through it so I got my guys to follow suit and flew the coop/
Down to the earth like lightning, oh how exciting/
Here I wait until I can make my entrance and you're inviting.


Slow pride rises hits you where your hope lies/
Fights and rids of you in no time/
Lies draw lines and divide/
Till you’re all alone/
Don’t let it go with no fight. The fight’s inside and it is your fight!/
And Life’s your right, don’t give it for pride!/
Cause Pride draws lines and divides/
Till you’re all alone/


from Steady, released November 26, 2013
Mixing/Mastering: AJ Alvarez
Production: J. Alamo, S. Rivera, J. Rivera
Lyrics/Vocals:T.Pozdol, F. Bustamante
Bass: D. Opio
Guitar: AJ Alvarez
Drums: J. Alamo



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Paper.Beats.Rock Chicago, Illinois

Light > Heavy. We are a hip hop trio aiming to lighten the load by proclaiming the existence of a freedom through grace capable of steadying us all.

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