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Let it go bro, let it show so those/
Low folks burrowed can't oppose, grow glows/
Furrowed brow storing something golden below/
Hold your own smirk until it grows full blown/

Verse 1:
Bad day, long week, tad late, can't sleep/
Dry heat, no relief, feeling the sting of bereave/
These things can grieve and retreat the treat of faith and belief/
The joy of feeling the sweet treat of embracing grinning/
I mean why grimace when smiling is as close to winning/
As you can get to betting anger that you won’t ever sing/
Put a spring in your step, a leap or pep in your swing/
Cause things could always be more epic than the Lord of the Rings/
You got a story to tell, a better chapter to read/
Indeed you got the leading part, take heart, go dart and proceed/
And be the least of these masterpiece He created to be/
To achieve and believe in themselves, steal a smile from the thief/

Chorus 2X:
So smile, it can save your life, right/
Smile, it'll be alright, might/
Smile, fight and be the night light/
Smile, delight despite the plight’s bite.

Verse 2:
Just a few of the deeds and do's that can do the approved/
I smile and remove the ‘tude when I peruse the Good News/
Removing my shoes renew when all the hours accrue/
Taking a shower excusing choose to shampoo like my boo/
Co-op coloring through my baby's coloring book/
My baby calling all the colors, favorite color is blue/
Eating Mexican food next to the Mexican dude/
And Mexican wife who's wombed was a testament to/
The Creator of rules, and defender of lude, crude/
Brutes like the dude you’re currently listening to/
Singing sizzling tunes, oldies I’m glued to my roots/
Kissing the one I wooed and wed, I’m in a giggling mood/

Chorus 2X

Verse 3:
You got the life of a thug, maybe you're missing a tooth/
Perhaps you caught the flu bug and you got a case of the toots/
You're losing the house, spouse, and your kids are aloof/
Truth is a roof is not a home without your smile to approve/
So groove to the grooves, valleys prove the boom’s coming soon/
Sooth with the news, abuse is due to ruse the debut/
That life is a queue, a line, waiting room to get through/
Before the review accrued Heaven test to pass to/
Before the adieu, goodbye, and hello to Jesus/
Let’s smile and remove the suit of dispute and produce/
Joy like you're a youth, relief like “achoo”/
Smile, salute the truth and makes the moot points go “poof”


Chorus 2X


from Steady, released November 26, 2013
Mixing/Mastering: AJ Alvarez
Production: J. Alamo, S. Rivera, J. Rivera
Lyrics/Vocals: F. Bustamante
Bass: D. Opio
Trumpet: R. X. Camacho
Saxophone: A. Elliot
Drums: J. Alamo



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Paper.Beats.Rock Chicago, Illinois

Light > Heavy. We are a hip hop trio aiming to lighten the load by proclaiming the existence of a freedom through grace capable of steadying us all.

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